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Yara Zaya questioned by fans for plagiarism on her website

90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya is facing criticism for her new makeup line and blogging on her website, which viewers say is plagiarized.

90 day fiancé Actor Yara Zaya faces criticism for the blog on his new makeup website, which sleuth 90 day fiancé fans claim he’s plagiarized. The Ukrainian reality TV star recently launched her own makeup brand, Boujee by Yara. She received negative feedback for several aspects of her new brand and marketing.

Fans of the 90 day fiancé The franchise claimed that Yara’s expensive makeup was the same that sold for much cheaper on e-commerce site Alibaba. In addition, the Boujee by Yara The website says the makeup is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but some fans have discovered that the packaging of Yara’s lip gloss says it contains beeswax. When confronted about this, Yara replied that her makeup was 90% vegan, causing another uproar. Now fans have found something else in her makeup marketing that makes them raise their eyebrows.


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Yarathe site has blog posts with practical makeup tips, and fans claim they are similar to posts from another makeup site, Instagram account truecrime_jankie uploaded screenshots of the articles on both sites with the caption “Yara stole items from others for her website. ”According to a screenshot posted by the Reddit user AshtonKehamallYara responded to the reviews saying that she learned to wear makeup by watching other people’s makeup videos and that it was not plagiarism. Reddit user sartnado3 speculated that maybe Yara thought she was being criticized “for the way she learned to wear makeup“, and that the reality TV star has”no idea it is called for copy and paste.

The 90 day fiancé The star recently surprised fans when she said her husband Jovi Dufren was her inspiration to launch her new makeup brand. Jovi was quick to support his wife throughout the plagiarism allegations and the debate over whether his products are indeed vegan. So far, Yara has not responded publicly to fans who claim her blog is plagiarized. However, after being questioned for the use of beeswax in her “vegan” products, Yara updated the Boujee by Yara website say their packaging contains beeswax, claiming that their products themselves do not.

Yara’s makeup line was only launched this week, and there has already been negative fan reaction to several of the brand’s components. Changing the website after the review to include beeswax in a “vegan” product shows Yara is reading and acting on the review. 90 day fiancé fans will need to stay tuned to see if anything else is happening with the allegations that his blog is plagiarized.

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