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Who are the leaders in technology, Private Label

As the private label industry continues to grow and become stronger brands in its own right, technology plays a key role in many aspects. But in what areas and what are the names and faces at the origin of this renaissance?

In its January 2022 issue of Store brands, the post wants to engage some of the people working at tech-driven companies looking to help retailers develop their own brands. They are private label contacts in technology companies looking to grow private labels and accelerate change.

Companies wishing to submit someone for review could leverage e-commerce capability, produce augmented reality experiences, leverage technology to optimize supply chain, provide data analytics platforms, manage from PIM programs, connecting retail brands with social media influencers, driving digital, location-based or mobile display ads, and many more ways. You tell us how the company is using technology to improve private labels and who does it in the company and how.

If the company is using technology in a way that advances retailers and private labels, and the person makes a case for that to happen, share with us who that person is and we’ll highlight them in a special section on technology leaders in private brands.

Name one person to consider below. You can also suggest yourself or multiple people within the company.

The deadline is Friday January 7th.

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