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What you need to know about Giada De Laurentiis online grocery store

In her 20 years of high-level Italian cuisine, Giada De Laurentiis has called America home, making her the de facto expert on how to bring the best of Italian cuisines back to the United States. And because she’s a pro, De Laurentiis isn’t advising fans to stuff a bag of fusilli into your suitcase on your next trip back to the Amalfi Coast. Instead, she invites them to take a much cheaper trip to Giadzy. The site, according to Yahoo! Finance, now has more than 200 products from dozens of suppliers in Italy and has experienced a growth rate of 200% in the past year. Now, with the help of venture capitalists and guidance from a community of female founders, authentic Italian products are just a click away.

“The producers I have chosen to share with you,” writes De Laurentiis on the website, “are mostly small family businesses”. The platform organizes its shopping section not only by product type (like antipasti, oils and sweets), but also by region, which means people can buy Sicilian eggplant caponata or wild cherry jam from Piedmont. “Buying small makes a difference worldwide,” writes De Laurentiis. “And a good meal too! And if you have the money, honey, she has the time. Uh, thyme. thyme honey, This is. From the Anfiteatro Morenico area, for only $13.50 plus shipping. “I hope that [entrepreneurship] is a long and fabulous journey,” De Laurentiis told Yahoo Finance. Cin-cin, chief.