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What does Shoppe Object have in store? Founder Jesse James steps in

NEW YORK – Shoppe Object’s recent summer market celebrated its biggest ever show with double attendance from the previous year –– and a 20% increase from the February edition –– in a Pier 36 sold out on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. We caught up with founder Jesse James to learn more about its new owner, IMC, its growth trajectory, and the future of markets in New York.

Please briefly describe the growth of Shoppe Object since its inception.

” We launched store object in the summer of 2018 with 100 exhibitors in the former H&H Bagel factory. We’ve weathered the pandemic quite well thanks to the agility of our proprietary digital launch, Shoppe Online, and earlier this year, 3.5 years later, we were acquired by IMC. We just completed a sold out hybrid show with 500 brands at Pier 36, a 20% increase in traffic from last season and 100% growth from a year ago. Considering the roll-coaster ride we’ve all been on since the start of 2020, the five-fold growth in four years seemed pretty huge.

How does owning IMC change the way you work/approach the business?

“Our show was created to celebrate and support a community of brands and retailers around carefully crafted products, and ownership of IMC enables us to do better. They have invested in our philosophy and their commitment from day one was to provide tools and resources, not mandates. We are a small, creative and hardworking team who grew up in this community and love what we do. With the help of IMC, this team is growing. They provide capital and awareness, access to operational support and a bank of knowledge we draw upon as we develop and execute ideas We put in place strategies to reach more buyers, to build relationships with brands that would have been harder to reach and to provide a higher quality of service.Things are good, but they can always be better, and that is the intention and the commitment. BMI nt; to help us do our best.

What is your growth strategy? Are there any categories that you are actively pursuing that you think will improve the show? (Or conversely, categories that are shrinking or underperforming?)

“Shoppe Object is a community built around a curated home and gift that strives to deliver the best in all categories. We serve leading national specialty accounts, design-focused independent retailers of across the country and beyond, and leading e-commerce platforms.During the pandemic, some brands went out of business, and these were largely home and lifestyle brands whose footprints are more important, combined with supply chain issues, left them focused on the increases they were seeing in direct-to-consumer business.This meant more nimble brands and manufacturers on the gifts and accessories side, many of which with production a little closer to home, were the first to return to the markets. Now, as things continue to open up, we are creating new There is room for those in our community who are ready to return to physical shows, as well as new home and lifestyle brands, including many from Europe and beyond. We have set a clear direction on produce to be picked at home; about life, the table and entertainment. These brands did extremely well at our show, and we see all of these buyers coming back into the market. Fortunately, we are expanding this winter to account for increases in these categories.

You seem to be at full capacity at Pier 36. What’s next? There was a lot of talk at the market about possibly co-locating with NY Now at Javits, or maybe even a merger. Can you comment on this?

“Shoppe Object was born out of a need for change. Change is never easy, but it is evolutionary and invigorating, and part of what made Shoppe Object successful so quickly was its experiential distinction. Since we put down roots at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side, our community has come to call it home – this is clear from our post-show survey – and what we’ve created there is vibrant, thriving and enduring. . We would be remiss to risk losing that, and we believe continuity is essential at this stage of our growth.

“For 2023, we are expanding Pier 36 by almost 50%, adding additional space by erecting an adjacent structure. We’ve been working on it for a while now, and we’re excited about what’s to come. During this time, we have explored all possible scenarios in the city, as we have done from the beginning, and when the time comes, we will carefully consider all available options, providing transparency to our customers keeping in mind their needs and wishes.

“There was a time, not too long ago, when the New York market encompassed every inch of Javits, the West Side piers, the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street and several permanent show buildings in the Flatiron District. Different sites were owned and operated by several different entities, and the buyer experience was simplified and unified through open collaboration. Shoppe Object has always approached NY Now with this spirit of collaboration, and we are committed to doing our part to make the New York marketplace experience as efficient and energizing as possible, while staying true to our roots and the voice of our clients.