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Visit Sacramento launches website for Spanish speakers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau says Hey ! to its Spanish-speaking visitors.

Known as Visit Sacramento, the organization launched a Spanish-language section of its website in a bid to attract more visitors to the city.

The Spanish section, named “Bienvenidos a Sacramento”, was officially launched on September 16, the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.

It includes links to restaurants, family activities, events and hotels, as well as links to resources and things to do in the California capital.

In a statement, Visit Sacramento says it “understands and recognizes the many contributions of Latinos to Sacramento and beyond, who trace their cultural heritage to Mexico, Central and South America and have shaped the capital” from farm to the fork “with a rich culture and tradition.”

This is the first time since the organization’s inception that it has included a Spanish language section, and the effort has been launched to accommodate California’s ever-growing multilingual population.

Spanish speakers in Sacramento and California

In Sacramento County, Spanish is spoken at home by 13.67% of people age 5 and older, according to county data. This percentage is approximately 202,000 people in the county.

About 83% of Hispanics living in the Sacramento area identify as Mexican, according to a 2021 report from the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

As for the state’s population, 28.75% of people aged 5 and over speak Spanish at home, or more than 10 million individuals.