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It’s a day that will live in infamy among OKAY!the writing of , in particular E-Commerce Editor, Rebecca Friedman. One Monday morning in early August, the writer was on her way to work when she noticed something strange: the refreshing iced coffee she was making on the train was suddenly and inexplicably empty.

“I walked to work and went to sip my coffee and nothing came out,” she recalled. The guilty? A new cup had left her, spilling its contents over all her belongings. “I realized that the caffeine I needed so badly had completely spilled into my favorite tote bag,” she recalls.

Although all of his personal items remained miraculously unscathed, the incident alone kicked off the new workweek on a sour (or, well, bitter) note. “[It was] definitely not how I wanted my Monday morning commute to go,” she jokes.

Since the Great Coffee Disaster of August 2022, Rebecca says she’s learned several lessons – namely that her tried and tested leak-proof mug, BruMate’s Imperial Pint Tumbler, will never let her down.

The writer even cites the tumbler, which she received as a graduation gift from her sister and girlfriend earlier this summer, as giving her peace of mind as she navigates the streets of Manhattan, knowing she can enjoy her cup of coffee on the go without any caffeine-related mishaps.

“The series of unfortunate events definitely taught me my lesson,” Rebecca knocks back, unlike her trusty mug. “The Brumate mug can allow me to buzz around the busy streets of New York with peace of mind knowing my coffee is safe and sound,” she says.

As the cup is “100% spill-proof”, Rebecca says she even feels comfortable tossing the cup in her bag when in a hurry, reassured that her papers and electronics will stay perfectly dry.

“Everyone who brings their coffee on the go in the morning NEEDS this cup!” she shares, noting that while the mug does a great job of keeping iced drinks nice and cool, it also works well at keeping hot drinks hot.

“You can easily put it in your bag while you’re commuting or running errands without having to worry about leaks,” she shares. “Only $30 for a cup that will save you almost all your problems.”

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