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The Givenchy Foundation That Can Beat The Summer Heat — Shop Now

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Finding the perfect foundation is never an easy task, especially for OKAY!the E-Commerce publisher of , Katherine Tinleywho says she has long struggled to find products that perfectly complement her complexion as a woman of color with olive undertones.

“It’s very difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin tone since I’m not red or yellow,” the writer shares. “Most foundations designed for a woman of color are yellow or red, which wouldn’t work because I’m technically olive,” she adds.

Enter Givenchy’s Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow Foundation. Katherine says she discovered the product after getting colored at Sephora, a find that apparently changed her beauty routine.

“The range of shades was varied, so it was pretty easy to find a skin tone since I’m brunette but have olive undertones,” she says. “It fit really well.”

But beyond leaving her skin flawless and highlighting her undertones, Katherine says the “lightweight” and “natural” foundation is just as comfortable as it is beautiful.

“I also have very dry skin so this was a matte look without drying my skin out and dehydrating it,” she shares, noting that the foundation held up well even against New York’s 90-degree temperatures. York. .

“It’s quite durable considering it’s really hot outside,” she jokes.

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