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Six-year-old’s Aadhaar card posted on Amazon India website to sell laminating pouches

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) may have the power to act against and sanction violations of Aadhaar, but in one shocking case, the image of a child’s Aadhaar card six-year-old was uploaded to e-commerce site Amazon India to sell lamination. pouches. The child’s Aadhaar card contained sensitive details such as the child’s date of birth, address, father’s name and other personal details, according to a report released on Friday.

According to a report by News18 Tech, a photograph of a child’s valid Aadhaar card was uploaded by a seller who goes by the name of “MY OFFICE STATIONERY” on The publication was able to verify that the Aadhaar card number uploaded on Amazon India was a valid Aadhaar card number. The image posted by the seller on, however, was not available at the time of this story’s filing. It is likely that the e-commerce site has removed it.

Aadhaar has been under scrutiny for privacy concerns for a long time. Privacy issues have raised concerns, especially after it was enthroned as a fundamental right in 2018. Recently, the UIDAI noted that the Aadhaar card should not be uploaded to public platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Meanwhile, earlier in July, the UIDAI had also announced a Bug Bounty program to identify vulnerabilities in Aadhaar’s data security system. In a circular, UIDAI called for 20 top hackers to identify any vulnerabilities in its central identity data repository (CIDR).

Aadhaar is a 12-digit number that links an individual’s biometric data to create a unique identity. A person’s bank account, phone number, government programs and other financial services are all connected to their Aadhaar number.