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ProCare Health CEO Launches WellRabbit, a Physician-Endorsed Supplement Website That Promotes Health and Wellness | Business

ST. LOUIS, MO — The CEO of St. Louis-based ProCare Health, a market leader in bariatric supplements focused on post-surgery nutritional needs, announces the launch of a new supplement website. Nick Wiegand is one of four founders of WellRabbit, an e-commerce site dedicated to selling only doctor-approved products from qualified manufacturers.

“I launched several brands from scratch. This gave me some insight into how many companies are offering counterfeit, substandard, or even unsafe supplements. There had to be a safe place for consumers,” said Nick Wiegand, president of WellRabbit. “There are two goals for WellRabbit. We protect the consumer by providing them with a high quality product and we protect the industry by ensuring that only genuine products are sold.

WellRabbit was founded by CEO Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks’ desire to help his sister, Teresa, beat breast cancer and lead a healthier life. By taking integrative medicine throughout her cancer treatment, she was able to maintain her hair, have energy and avoid the negative effects of chemotherapy. This has inspired the creation of a trusted marketplace where all products are medically vetted and evidence-based.

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Anyone who wants to live a healthier life has a place to go where all the research, production and logistics have been done for them. WellRabbit, which is based in North Carolina, ships nationwide.

WellRabbit is a one-stop e-commerce store that sells doctor-approved health and wellness products. The WellRabbit team ensures that the formulas are of the highest quality and based on sound science. For more information, please visit

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