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Mouqy Eyewear launches its new e-commerce store

Kuala Lumpur, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Mouqy a rising eyewear brand offering stylish and high quality solutions. Led by a team of experts in the field, they have made it their bold mission to open their beautiful custom frames to an international clientele, while maintaining a very affordable price.

Mouqy Eyewear Sdn Bhd are the exciting new faces in the online eyewear game. Together with their team of industry experts, they now hope to reach a wider global audience with the recent launch of their innovative new e-commerce store. Their mission is to cater to everyone who needs high quality, affordable eyewear, regardless of age, budget or style preference.

As a premium eyewear company, Mouqy offers both prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses, but specialize in functionality and quality. They offer a range of lenses that can meet a variety of different visual needs – including clear lenses, very durable styles, and blue light blocking lenses. Many of their products aim to protect wearers against many modern eye health threats, including digital eye strain, harmful UV rays, and dry eyes. The company has a team of eye specialists and optometrists to prescribe and quality check all lenses for customers.

In the past, buying glasses online seemed like an incredibly complicated process. However, Mouqy’s modern online shopping experience makes shopping for prescription glasses easier than ever. With innovative technology features on their website and a seamless checkout experience, customers will only need to provide an up-to-date eye prescription to have their new eyeglasses delivered right to their doorstep.

Mouqy’s website also offers a handy virtual try-on feature that will allow customers to preview how different frame designs look on their face before buying anything.

Additionally, Mouqy is passionate about creating educational content that will help customers select the best eyewear for them. Browsing the Mouqy website will reveal several guides and blog posts that answer the most pertinent questions about eyewear that many of us have.

Their brand new online store has enough designs to suit all style preferences – from modern and edgy to timeless and vintage. Youngsters will appreciate the range of on-trend designs, but there are also plenty of tough, timeless styles that are perfect for working professionals or more mature customers.

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As Yasmin of Mouqy Eyewear Sdn Bhd explained, “As a professional eyewear company, it is important for us to pay close attention to the visual needs of our customers. We live by our motto “Seeing What Matters” and work hard to provide products and services that are not only affordable, but also can meet the real needs of our customers and provide maximum convenience to their eyes. And of course, we’re insured, licensed, and passionate about the business, so our customers can feel safe and confident when shopping with us.”

Mouqy’s offerings are ideal for anyone who appreciates a high quality product rather than a designer brand and can do without the high price tag. Above all, Mouqy’s new e-commerce store seeks to provide customers with seamless and convenient service. If someone is looking to buy top quality glasses, Mouqy’s online store should definitely be their first stop.

About the company:

Mouqy Eyewear Sdn Bhd is committed to providing customers with a comfortable and seamless eyewear journey. With their stylish designs, affordable prices, and helpful e-commerce features like their virtual try-on, Mouqy is the new one-stop-shop for quality, hassle-free eyewear. Visitors can also join the company instagram page for future shoutouts and promotions.


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