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Mad Engine Announces Retirement of Senior Vice President of Licensing, Cindy Levitt

Mad Engine today announced that its Senior Vice President of Licensing, Cindy Levitt, is retiring at the end of 2022. Levitt’s decision to retire ends a remarkable 30+ year career in the industry. retail licenses. Levitt began her career as the first employee hired at Hot Topic, the retail chain specializing in pop culture, apparel and accessories. In 2019, Levitt joined Mad Engine where she helped drive the company’s content strategy; oversaw negotiations with studios, musicians, artists and other intellectual property owners; and assisted the management team in managing licensor relationships.

“Mad Engine and the licensing industry as a whole have benefited from Cindy’s content and product expertise,” said Danish Gajiani, CEO of Mad Engine. “Mad Engine’s staff, Board of Directors and our many licensing partners feel privileged to have worked with Cindy and benefited from her vision over the years.”

“It has been a great honor and privilege for me to lead the Mad Engine licensing function. I am proud of the organization we have become today. We have worked hard to deliver a product that resonates with our customers, promotes content from our licensing partners and, in turn, moves to retail,” Levitt said. “On a lighter note, I couldn’t have imagined spending the last few years with a better group of people than my colleagues here at Mad Engine, I am eternally grateful.”

Kelly Schulman, new Licensing SVP at Mad Engine

Mad Engine has named Kelly Schulman as its new senior vice president of licensing. Schulman is a seasoned licensing manager, having overseen, managed and led Fifth Sun’s licensing department prior to the company’s acquisition by Mad Engine in July 2021. Having spent the past year with Mad Engine and the past 10 years in In the licensed apparel sector, Schulman is familiar with Mad Engine’s business, its licensing partners and its strategy going forward. With Schulman at the helm, Mad Engine will continue to break through and shape pop culture by sourcing the best content and creating a product that takes big swings, appeals to the masses, and connects with its customers in meaningful ways. In addition to these two internal changes, Mad Engine has also promoted Jessica Jordan to Vice President, who will report directly to Schulman.

“While it is bittersweet to lose Cindy, we are very confident with Kelly taking the reins,” said Dean Allen, Merchandising Director of Mad Engine. “We have worked closely with Kelly over the past year, and she has been a great addition to the team. We are very excited about the future of Mad Engine.

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