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Inflation in the UAE: is it cheaper to buy in store or online? – New

Residents seek the best possible deals as property prices soar

Published: Sun 7 August 2022, 15:25

Last update: Sun, August 7, 2022, 6:52 PM

With inflation remaining high, UAE residents should try to stock up on the best and cheapest groceries and other daily consumer goods to stay within their budget.

Whether online or in a physical store, both avenues of shopping have pros and cons. Although shopping online is more economical and convenient, a visit to physical outlets will provide more options to choose from for their groceries.


Yesu Yarlagadda, vice president of groceries at, says online groceries offer customers thousands of products at the click of a button, with recurring deals to suit every budget, cashback deals and offers. as low as one dirham.

“Convenience is a big factor, and shopping online at supermarkets is quickly becoming the preferred choice for customers in terms of saving time and money. At Noon Grocery, hundreds of deals are available daily and the prices are matched in real time. Shoppers can also take advantage of our MyRewards program, earning up to 5% cash back on purchases,” Yarlagadda said.

He said there are many ways for customers to take advantage of online grocery shopping, such as loyalty programs, as well as the many offers and packages available, which give customers a wide choice. Price alignment and reduced travel costs to and from stores also drive savings – a plus in times of inflation.

According to a study by Mastercard, around 73% of consumers in the United Arab Emirates have preferred to buy more online since the pandemic began in early 2020.

E-commerce players also offer a variety of money-saving mechanisms to help their customers in addition to their offers, such as extra discounts and cashback on credit cards.

Interestingly, most players in the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar segments today offer the lowest price guarantee rates to attract customers.

The best items to buy online

James Scott, CEO of Grandiose Supermarkets, says shopping online is always a time saver, and this trend is accelerating as customers’ lifestyle choices evolve and consumers become more time conscious. Due to growing demand, retailers are bolstering their delivery fleet by rolling out more energy-efficient bikes in the coming months.

“The ideal items to buy online are non-perishable and bulk items so our customers can enjoy the convenience of home delivery while avoiding impulse buying expenses.” But some of the drawbacks customers may face when shopping online at any grocery retailer include the lack of proper substitution or lack of control over the selection of fresh and perishable items,” he said. -he adds.

Scott added that customers can enjoy the freedom to inspect products before buying them in physical stores and browse the various promotions going on.

He added that Grandiose Supermarket regularly runs promotions in-store and on e-commerce platforms as part of the “Best Price” campaign, which includes daily groceries ranging from fresh and quick consumer goods to organic products, household goods and many more to offer. a wide variety.


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