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How to Create a User-Friendly E-Commerce Website for Your Furniture Store

To run a successful online brand, you need to think from your customer’s perspective. People who shop online have short attention spans and limited patience. Within seconds, a customer will be scrolling through your online store and figuring out what interests them – but this article aims to show you the steps to create a user-friendly e-commerce site for your online furniture store…

What is a user-friendly website?

A “user-friendly” website simply means the quality of the design and layout of the site so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Your e-commerce site can be designed be user-friendly without compromising on its layout. As an online store entrepreneur, you need to use the right strategy to optimize the site layout for usability.

Don’t confuse users with your site’s features and functions. No matter how fancy the visuals and functionality on the website – you need to make sure that your ultimate goal is to provide a flawless experience for all users.

For example, an online store selling wooden patio furniture should group furniture by type of material. This will make it easier for your customers to search and find the product they want.

Secure socket layer (SSL)

There are a lot of transactions involved in running an e-commerce website. Sensitive personal information such as credit cards, bank account numbers, and PIN codes are highly prone to attacks by cybercriminals.

Your online store should use an SSL certificate for an extra layer of security. A SSL certificate is a digital security protocol that secures data in transit between two communication points.

User-friendly navigation

For a furniture e-commerce store to be hassle-free for users, it should have internal sections, subsections and other sections leading to the product listing.

For better organization, divide the products into different sections. Make it easy for customers to find a particular product in your inventory.

Optimize your website speed

When designing and building an e-commerce store, one of the things to consider is loading time. Several factors influence the speed of your site, including the company you choose for hosting and the size of the images you use.

Use a clear logo and branding

By using a clear logo and branding for your site, you will capture a visitor’s attention within seconds of entering your website.

The logo and Branding must be clear so that a customer’s attention is instantly captured. Customers need to be able to find out if your store carries the product they want.

Professional design

An e-commerce website with poor design can have negative consequences. For example, your store may be difficult to navigate and your customers won’t be able to easily find the product they need.

You can try to navigate your way through these challenges by using an eCommerce store WordPress theme plugin called WooCommerce.


These are just a few actions you can implement in your eCommerce furniture store to make your brand stand out. Take action and see your website earnings start to improve over time.