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Flipkart and eDAO have a “digital treasure hunt” in store ahead of The Big Billion Days: here’s what it is

Flipkart has teamed up with eDAO for a digital scavenger hunt on the former’s NFT Firedrops platform. Here are all the details of the treasure hunt according to the press release:

Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, today announced a partnership with eDAO, a Polygon-incubated organization that designs and launches global art, media and entertainment IPs at scale globally. from Web3. The partnership will bring to life the first-ever Big Billion Days (BBD) digital scavenger hunt on Firedrops, Flipkart’s easy-to-use, KYC-compliant NFT platform for brands and creators to enter the universe of digital collections. The platform launched earlier this year with the announcement of a partnership with Nothing for the first NFT drop on FireDrops. The Digital Scavenger Hunt will span 10 days leading up to The Big Billion Days in 2022 (September 17-26).

Earlier, with the launch of Flipkart Labs, the company announced its intention to explore digital collectibles and the metaverse to redefine the shopping experience of its users and incubate solutions hosted on blockchain technology in the e-commerce space.

Naren Ravula, Vice President and Head of Product Strategy and Deployment at Flipkart, said, “Flipkart has always prioritized innovation in all facets of digital commerce. goals is to drive engagement in the lead up to Big Billion Days sales and discount-driven builds. By engaging with eDAO for Digital Scavenger Hunt, we are exploring an exciting avenue to add value to our customers and make the experience richer.

The Firedrops Treasure Hunt will allow users to access limited edition collectibles called “Culture Sparks” through a fun interface. Users will complete daily tasks to earn brand-sponsored rewards on Flipkart as they progress through their 10-day gaming experience (Sept. 17 – Sept. 26) during The Big Billion Days event based on how many cultural sparks they collect. Limited-edition collectibles come from a host of artists, IPs, and partner brands on eDAO’s list. At the end of the 10-day celebration, buyers will have exclusive access to “The Strand”, eDAO’s all-access passport to a global pop culture ecosystem, spanning art, sports, games , entertainment and more.

Speaking about the experience, Anand Venkateswaran, CEO of eDAO, said, “Flipkart’s first-ever BBD digital treasure hunt will be an opportunity for Flipkart users to explore the world of art communities. , music and entertainment based on Web3. This partnership offers enabling users to find their communities and deeply engage with the culture on Web3.”

Flipkart and eDAO are working together to explore opportunities where they can provide users with an immersive and expansive experience of the Web3 world and the metaverse.

To enable FireDrops technology as a platform featuring the innovative Digital Treasure Hunt game, Flipkart has partnered with Guardian Link.

“GuardianLink is an NFT ecosystem company. Brands and celebrities leverage our ecosystem to launch their NFTs! We believe that NFTs are not about monetization but about creating perpetual value. NFTs represent a true ownership in the digital space, and it’s bound to be central to the digital asset revolution in ownership and provenance, so it made perfect sense to tap into our resources and expertise and work to launch the FireDrops platform. We are confident that FireDrops will amplify shopping experiences and bring the next wave of users to recognize the value potential of Web3 and thereby democratize NFTs in India,” said Ramkumar Subramaniam, CEO and co-founder of GuardianLink.