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Five hot items from the Ford store to apply the August discount to

We all love finding coupon codes to lessen the impact of spending online. There are even websites where people have joined forces to provide as many discount codes as possible. Now, Ford Motor Company jumped on the cheat code savings bandwagon with a discount code that saves 20% on purchases with a maximum of $200 thanks to its e-commerce site. The savings part is easy, but choosing the right products can be a bit more difficult.

Whipple Supercharger Kit for Ford F-150 2021-2022

After seeing Whipple team up with Ford Performance on their new F-150 trucks, it was only a matter of time before these supercharger units were listed with their own SKU. Now Ford truck enthusiasts can experience the joy of tire smoking and quick acceleration, as the Gen 5x 3.0 liter compressor gives the Coyote powertrain exactly what it needs. Using the new code will save you $200 which can be spent on new tires that you will need soon after.

2015-2017 5.0 Liter Mustang GT Cat-back Sport Exhaust System

The Coyote engine emits a throaty growl from the factory exhaust, however, it could use a few more decibels to really improve the driving experience. Ford offers a complete cat-back system for the early years of the S550 Mustang to achieve this. Aside from the discount code saving you $200, this exhaust will save you 30 pounds over the stock unit!


Ford Performance High RPM Magnet Intake Manifold

Owners of the first-generation Coyote engine in the 2011-2014 Mustang looking for high-rpm performance need look no further. This BOSS 302 Composite Intake was originally released in the BOSS 302, Ford Performance BOSS 302S and BOSS 302R race cars, so you can believe this intake design was aimed at those who spend more time in the redline than low end RPMs .


MagneRide Handling Pack

The MagneRide suspension handles corners well enough, but once pushed onto the trail, you’ll quickly find a need for improvement. This is where the Handling package from Ford comes into play. This kit comes with springs, stabilizer bars and the MagneRide Performance Pack 2 VDM software upgrade. This kit is easy to install and will change the driving feel of your Mustang.

2015-2022 Rear Spoiler with Gurney Flap

The rear of the S550 Mustang bows before leveling off near the rear of the trunk. The sleek aesthetic gives it a touch of class, but when you’re rocking 460 horsepower, you might want an aggressive aesthetic. This is where the rear wing with stretcher flap can quickly change the look of your car.

Ford discount code saves you money

While most muscle car parts suppliers wait for patriotic weekends to offer discounts, Ford held the second half of August as a launch party. Coincidentally, this coincides with the Woodward Dream Cruise. Coupon code offers 20% off up to $200 in savings. You can read the fine print and locate your next articles here. Remember, tell your partner how much you saved, not how much you spent!