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Design principles to consider before designing your online store

Good design is invisible, but it influences your actions to follow a certain path to achieve a specific goal. Whether you’re designing an online store or just getting started, in today’s article, we’re going to walk you through how to effectively design your online store using the same processes and best practices that successful designers follow when designing an online store. they create an aesthetically beautiful and functional e-commerce. stores.

Things to consider when starting out

The truth is that designing an experience can be an endless circle of ideas and tasks. Without structure, your online store design can leave you feeling stuck in the most complicated maze with no way out in sight. This is why you would be well advised to define an MVP first. To break it down further, an MVP is the least amount of work you could have to do to launch your eCommerce store, gather critical feedback, and then iterate on your improvements for your online store based on that feedback. Don’t feel bad or discouraged to launch your product with bare minimum. If you look at a store like, you’ll see that they had a very simple store and slowly started to make improvements based on feedback from their customers on what is now a brand and experience. industry-leading purchase. So don’t compare your first day to another brand’s third year of business.

Finally, as you embark on your fascinating e-commerce journey, be prepared to commit wholeheartedly to your new entrepreneurial adventure. Although creating an online store has never been easier, you must keep in mind that the design of your store alone will not be enough for the success of your business. As with any business, you will need to invest more in your store as it begins to grow in size and bring in more money. You can either dip into your savings or take advantage of e-commerce funding solutions to grow your business and start earning more.

Principles of modern e-commerce design

Once you have engraved the term MVP in your mind, be sure to familiarize yourself with the main principles of successful online store design and let them guide you when designing your own online store.

Build trust

Trust is hard to earn, but adding things like a contact page for support inquiries or a visible return policy will help reduce purchase hesitation significantly.

Create visual appeal

Your customers cannot physically hold or feel the product they want to buy. So that means they rely heavily on strong visual appeal to drive their buying decisions. Having solid product photography that easily depicts and communicates the value of a product or service is a must. You will notice that companies like Apple do this very well with their products. You can see how the Apple Watch introduces different users of different demographics and quickly describes how their product provides those customers with the value they expect.

Color scheme

A simple yet effective color scheme can persuade your audience to take action. If you place a red button next to a green button, you will generally find that users tend to click the green button because the green color is associated with the “Go!” action, while its red counterpart usually symbolizes “Stop!”. When choosing a color palette for your online store, try to keep the color palette minimal, especially at first.


With typography, it is important to clearly define its hierarchy. Keep your body font style simple and easy to read. When it comes to your titles, you can be a bit more adventurous with the font style you choose. As a beginner, it’s easier to deal with two different font styles.


Sometimes merchants forget that their online store is more likely to be viewed on mobile than desktop. In the modern age of social media, it’s common to find brands pushing their content on Instagram and TikTok, which are mostly mobile apps. Modern e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and others allow merchants to choose between different theme customizers and preview your store both on desktop and mobile.

These principles will be the foundation as you begin to build your inspiration before embarking on your online store design.