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Colliers launches Valuation 360 °, a complete one-stop-shop valuation solution for businesses, technical equipment, intangible and real estate assets

Growing continuously, Colliers responds to the current challenges and future needs of the Romanian valuation market with the Valuation 360 ° solution, a new line of business focused on integrated valuation services for real estate, business, movable and intangible. Thus, the Valuation and Advisory Services department of Colliers completes its team of specialists with the appointment of Bogdan Mitroi, a professional with more than 10 years of experience in the valuation market, as Director specializing in Business Valuation and Fixed Assets, and Alexandra Duma, who has accumulated 15 years of in-depth financial analysis experience, as a project manager for valuation and advisory services.

Providing a complete solution and acting as a common point of contact for all parties involved in the process, the 360 ​​° Valuation service relies on three business lines covering all major segments of the valuation market – Business valuation, fixed assets and intangible assets – in addition Colliers’ vast expertise in property valuation. Over the past five years, Colliers has appraised more than 500,000 commercial and residential properties with a total value of 40 billion euros.

“In recent years, we have seen a growing need from clients not only for real estate appraisal services, but also for other types of assets, both tangible, such as machinery, equipment and plant, and intangible. , such as contracts, trademarks, rights of use, debts or receivables. The object of valuation is no longer just the lending of loans, as many clients now request valuations for asset recognition or for mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing or purchase price allocation , which must be carried out within a certain period of time after the transaction by companies which acquire a majority or total stake in another entity ”, explains Bogdan Mitroi, director of the Valuation and Consulting Services department at Colliers.

The basic principle of the 360 ​​° Valuation concept is to concentrate, in a single team, professionals covering all types of evaluation that clients might need and who can work in parallel on a consolidated project, and this approach results in time saving and less redundant effort for the customer.

“In our experience to date, the administrative part of selecting a consultant for an assessment service represents up to 10% of the effort required in the process. When a client needs more than one type of assessment, they will need to initiate a selection process for each of these services. With Valuation 360 °, we offer the possibility of contracting all services in one process, from one place. In terms of the evaluation work itself, the collection and analysis of the necessary information is a phase in which the client’s effort is the most sustained, representing more than 50% of his involvement in the process. And some of this information is common and necessary for all types of assessment. For example, when an appraisal of real estate owned by a business and an impairment test of its equipment is required, real estate information is needed for both analyzes. If both analyzes are performed by professionals on the same team, the effort to provide information on real estate properties is cut in half, ”adds Raluca Buciuc, director and partner of valuation and advisory services at Colliers.

In addition, the connection between the evaluators of the team is immediate, which creates internal synergies which ultimately translate into lower costs and the possibility of offering competitive fees to clients. And another aspect that Colliers considers is the correlation of interpretations and valuation assumptions for different types of assets contributing to the same business, thus avoiding possible differences in interpretation and aggregation of information that can generate inconsistencies for customers.

Two experienced experts in Big 4 companies, Bogdan Mitroi and Alexandra Duma, complete the 360 ​​° Valuation team

With a multidisciplinary approach, the Colliers Valuation 360 ° team also has solutions to determine the value of a company’s equity, the value of a financial investment in a company or a sector of activity, to determine the value of assets. intangible assets, impairment tests (for goodwill, intangible assets, fixed assets), as well as assistance in the preparation and analysis of a business plan.

After 6 years in a Big 4 evaluation team within the transaction consulting department, Bogdan Mitroi recently joined Colliers to coordinate the Business Valuation and Fixed Assets area of ​​the 360 ​​° Valuations service. His experience of more than 10 years in the real estate appraisal market, both in the banking sector and in advice for various purposes (loan guarantees, transactions, purchase price allocation, liquidation, financial reporting, taxation) , covers all types of appraisals in Romania, corporate, intangible assets, rentals, buildings and commercial and office projects, residential developments, land, industrial premises, shopping centers, hotels and leisure. He is also specialized in the expertise of equipment and movable goods in various industries, such as oil and gas, production, metallurgy, automotive or energy.

He holds a master’s degree in energy and a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and is a member of ANEVAR (National Association of Chartered Appraisers of Romania) with certifications in business valuation and intangible, real estate and movable assets. He is also an accredited member of ANEVAR in real estate appraisal (MAA-EPI) and chartered appraiser in real estate appraisal (VE-EPI), and since 2016, he is also an ANEVAR teacher in real estate appraisal.

Prior to her current role as Project Manager for Assessment and Consulting Services at Colliers, Alexandra Duma held a position as Head of Strategy and Transactions Department at a Big 4 company, focusing on modeling projects and business valuation in various sectors (insurance, biomass production and agriculture, retail, oil and gas, automotive, metals and mining, shipyards, asset management, e-commerce, optical distribution).

She has 12 years of experience in financial market research and portfolio analysis and management, and has been involved in IPO projects in local capital markets. Alexandra Duma has held the CFA certificate since 2014, and as an investment specialist and member of the pension fund investment committee, she worked with the investment manager in the day-to-day operations of the investment department.

Combining extensive industry experience with technical and financial expertise, the Valuation 360 ° team can provide valuation support and services for all valuation purposes for all types of assets, from commercial real estate in the valuation of commercial and intangible assets, machinery, equipment and facilities. and even the analysis of the capital market. Colliers is the market leader in real estate appraisal services, covering over 60% of all residential properties purchased annually through bank loans and over 60% of all commercial and office properties.

“90% of our customers are recurring, we support them throughout the year, and we help them with precise information on the positioning of their goods on the market, market reports, exchanges of information on their activity and impact of real estate market trends, etc. Technically, an appraisal process for real estate consisting of buildings and land, for example, takes around two weeks, but we are able to provide an appraisal report faster than this average timeframe thanks to our knowledge of specific market day and properties that we have in our valuation portfolio, ”explains Raluca Buciuc.

The local market is dominated by valuations of residential properties (houses, apartments) in a proportion of around 70%, followed by land, office buildings and industrial buildings, with around 5% each, this being a consequence of the fact that the Appraisals for loans have the largest market share in terms of appraisal purpose. At the same time, in recent years, the real estate development market has attracted more and more local and foreign investors who diversify their investments by buying shares or parts of registered capital in local real estate development companies, and such an investment must be accompanied by a valuation of the company purchased or of all the shares / shares purchased. In addition to tax requirements, in such cases the need for valuation comes from two directions: the need for a substrate to negotiate or confirm the transaction price and / or the need for specialized analysis and review. correlation with market returns on the investing entity.

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