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Bold Commerce Curb Up offers upsell opportunities for curbside and in-store pickup – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

When customers arrive at the store for order pickup, they are presented with an impulse buy popup.

This gives them the opportunity to add one or more last-minute, retailer-selected items to their existing order. Store staff are automatically notified of the new item(s) to add to the order.

In June, Bold Commerce partnered with e-commerce agency Knit to build the first Curb Up prototype. Knit works with retailers such as Tractor Supply Co. and Kicking Horse Coffee

“Consumer behavior has evolved over the past 36 months. Technology must too. As consumers seek more digital interactions with retail, we need to find new ways to innovate the customer journey,” says Brad McCrory, CEO of The Knit Agency.

“Curb Up is a disruptive innovation in the BOPIS process and I am delighted that Knit was able to participate in the creation of this innovation.”

“Over 50% of the top 1,000 retail chains now offer curbside pickup for their customers, and that number is expected to continue to grow,” says Yvan Boisjoli, CEO of Bold Commerce.

“One of the roles of technology in retail is to enable retailers to quickly adapt to widespread behavioral changes.”

“With the right checkout infrastructure in place, they will be able to do more than maintain the status quo when it comes to revenue generated at the checkout; they will be able to play a more proactive role in creating net new opportunities for growth.

Retailers using Checkout can launch their Curb Up programs in less than 10 days using Bold Commerce APIs.

Curb Up integrates directly into retailers’ business logic, including store-level inventory availability, payments, and other checkout components that influence conversions.