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Be careful! Two Isamos arrested for deceiving customers via fake website Cybercrime branch has arrested two youths who deceived customers via fake websites

Online transactions are much easier today, but so are cybercrime cases (Cybercriminality) But increasing. online shopping sites (online shopping site) Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime has arrested two accused of cheating by stealing data. The accused used to cheat by creating a fake website similar to the website.

Commit crimes by attracting cheap things

The accused used to create fake websites similar to the original website and collect money from customers who placed orders online. However, it appeared that customers who did not receive the reserved item were also cheated. The masterminds of Gorakhandha are Kalpesh Vaghasia and Sanket Sorthia. Both are residents of Surat. These two defendants have online affairs (online business) Karti used to trick customers by creating fake websites like e-commerce sites and listing items for sale at very low prices. Along with this, it also appeared that they were cheating the website by stealing data from the original website and uploading it to their own fake website.

A computer and three mobiles were seized

Importantly, since the item was listed for sale at a low price on the fake website, customers also reserved the item and paid online. However, not a single customer received the order, police said the number of customer fraud is high (Ahmedabad Police) to believe

The investigation of defendants Kalpesh Vaghasia and Sanket Sorthia revealed that the defendant created not one or two, but a number of bogus websites. Over the past five years, it has come to light that fake websites from reputable websites are being tricked. Further, it has been revealed that fake websites reach maximum number of customers by showing ads on Google and Facebook and committing fraud. Currently, the police seized a computer, three mobile phones from the accused arrested. On the basis of which the police obtain information about the number of fake websites that the defendants created and the number of customers who placed orders.