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Are you receiving your eBay Store invoices on time?

eBay said it was not aware of any issues with eBay store invoicing when the matter arose during Wednesday’s weekly chat. One seller said he saw reports of issues where eBay was billing people “weeks and even months late”.

The seller said this could complicate tax filing for some people, citing another seller who said eBay didn’t process their December invoice from the store until January.

An eBay moderator responded to the seller as follows:

“I am not aware of any technical issue that would delay subscription fees like what you noticed. I encourage those involved to come to CS and request that a ticket be submitted for review by the technical team.

“Subscriptions must be billed on or around the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on the old dates in the billing cycle before eBay manages payments. The only exception I can think of would be the last month of an annual store subscription, which wouldn’t be billed at all (since we’re billing up front for these fees).

The seller had cited several threads dating back to September.

In a related article, an eBay moderator responded to a report in the last weekly chat (December 29, 2021) regarding an issue with the item characteristics in the Postcards category for “Topographical – Canada” (a seller had writes: “The country Canada appears as a drop-down list. No Canadian cities are in the drop-down list. I cannot find the regions of Canada in the drop-down list”).

The moderator said today that eBay has fixed the issue and the fix should be live.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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