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Director Nathan Dunn and COO Melanie Rusk-Dunn. Photo: Supplied

Belle Property Commercial Canberra opened in August 2018 in response to the Australian Capital Territory’s strong development activity and emerging population growth.

Director Nathan Dunn runs the business, focusing on leasing, selling and managing key commercial projects and mixed-use enclosures.

“Kingston was the obvious choice for Belle Property Commercial Canberra as our residential counterparts, Belle Property Canberra, are located here and do a fantastic job of servicing this sector of the property market. This has proven to be excellent for the collaboration between the two offices “Nathan said. .

“On top of that, the Kingston Foreshore is a very desirable location. We love being near the water and close to some of Canberra’s favorite cafes.

“We are proud to be part of Canberra and believe that the Kingston Foreshore blends all that is good about the ACT into one area. The businesses sit proudly in the midst of nature. We are, in particular, proud to be part of the Kingston community with its lively and active businesses, great atmosphere and, once again, great coffee.”

When it comes to their agency, “the industry felt the need for a new approach,” Nathan said.

“Belle Property Commercial Canberra is built on the systems, structure and process embodied by the residential arm of Belle Property. No other offering on the ACT market focuses so much on process as on promise, use of marketing digital and above all absolute customer orientation. .”

Early in his career, Nathan felt the human element of commercial real estate was being pushed aside, and he looked to residential real estate for clues about all that is good about real estate; repeatable processes, quality real estate marketing, strong focus on staff training and absolute customer orientation and communication.

“The business was opened with these pillars in mind, essentially taking the best of residential real estate and bringing it into a different real estate industry.”

Belle Property Commercial Canberra is currently a team of six.

“There are two sales and leasing associates who have recently joined the team. They are Keeley Gillespie and Paul Douglas-MacDonald. Belle Property Commercial is unique in that the office has its own marketing expert, Melanie Rusk- Dunn, and property management is led by Greg Moore and supported by Lauree-Mae Sutton.”

Belle Property Commercial Canberra has three business segments. These are commercial sales, rentals and property management. These cover all asset classes of retail, industrial and office.

Regarding their goals, “Above all else, we sincerely want to educate the community about this lesser known real estate industry and in particular the pros, cons and process of buying and renting commercial property in the ACT. “.

Interestingly, “COVID has accelerated the popularity of industrial property. Like housing, the industrial property sector in Canberra has recently set new record prices, with a lack of buildings and land causing prices and rents to soar. .

“Currently around three-quarters of all industrial properties in Canberra are in Fyshwick and Hume. With non-traditional uses such as retail and e-commerce providers taking up more and more space, coupled with a new minimum supply, this put pressure on an already tight industrial market.

“Obviously, our sector is not immune to interest rate hikes, but with a generally more financially secure clientele, most property owners in the sector can look beyond the turmoil of the next few years.

“I really want more people to know why commercial real estate can be such an amazing investment option. Mortgage or loan terms are often half those of residential property at 15 years rather than at 30. And more often than not, the rent outweighs the mortgage, even with this compressed mortgage repayment period, so while interest rates are generally higher commercially, the asset can be paid off. in half the time, offers incredible tax depreciation benefits, often provides cash flow, and offers a significantly higher yield than residential property, often offering net annual returns of five to seven percent.”